pBot - Process Robot

Manage your cash flow and your suppliers easily

Capture invoices using AI, automate invoice approvals and control vendor payments. Our AI-driven robot gives you visibility over outbound cashflow & automates your expense payment workflow.
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Meet pBot

The easy-to-implement, highly efficient invoice (AP) processing solution. pBot automates the hard part of your supplier management and account payable.
Capture, Verify, Approve, Pay
Reduce data entry error
With touch-less invoice capture, recognise and capture relevant invoice data, validate with or without PO data, flag duplicates.
Audit ready archive
Histogram of expenses and outstanding. Realtime searchable records for transparency, audit, or reporting purposes.
Smart approval management
Intelligently route approval to key executives. Approve on any device securely as a team or individually.
Cash flow monitoring
Pay what is due when it's due. Automate due date reminders, scheduling and processing group payments.

Automate Invoice Management and
Vendor Payments today.



  • for 3 months
  • Up to 100 invoices received/processed
  • Receive invoices via email or web portal
  • Personalised email inbox
  • 24/7 cloud based service and storage.
  • 6 months invoice archive
  • Unlimited vendors
  • Email notifications
  • Email support available
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  • Billed annually
  • Up to 1000 invoices received
  • Receive invoices via email or web portal
  • 24/7 cloud based service and storage.
  • Unlimited invoice archive
  • Unlimited vendors
  • Value based approval
  • Rule based approval
  • 2-4 approvers/team
  • Managed vendor portal
  • SLA


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  • Billed annually
  • Over 1000 invoices received
  • Receive invoices via email or web portal
  • 24/7 cloud based service and storage.
  • Unlimited invoice archive
  • Unlimited vendors
  • 3+ approval rules
  • 3+ approvers
  • Managed vendor portal
  • SLA
  • Custom ERP integration

Central inbox for procurement & the finance team

pBot offers growing organisations the inbox that automate purchase reports, payables ledger accuracy and simplify vendor payment schedule. Drive real time payables decision and action with pBot
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Central storage for all invoices & reporting

No more missing files or manual data entry

Internal approval workflow & automation

Confidently approve anywhere, you don't have to be on a computer, in the office.

Due date management & payment

Monitor your outflow, only pay what is due

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